Who are we?

Image - Michael Aitken

Michael Aiken

BSc. Hons. (Ost Med)
Osteopathic Sports Care Association (O.S.C.A)

I started working at the Glasgow Osteopathic Centre in 1997 and, apart from a year working in New Zealand, have worked there ever since.

I have a particular interest in treating sports injuries and have been privileged to work with a number of top level rugby players, including a number of the All Blacks.

I first became interested in Osteopathy when my dad damaged his back badly and was off work for over a year. Having always been fit and active, he found this very frustrating as well as severely painful. He went back and forth to various people over this time and finally when, two people independently suggested he see a local Osteopath, he thought he might as well “give it a go”. After a few sessions he started to notice some signs of improvement and steadily got better to a point where he was not only able to return to work but still swims, plays badminton and 5-a-side. Ever since, I have been fascinated by the way the body works - or sometimes doesn't!

Image - Andy McGowan

Andy McGowan


Whilst working as a software developer I was inspired to change career by a friend who was then in training at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO). I was interested by the nature of the treatment and the wide range of conditions to which osteopathy can be beneficial, and later that year I began training at the BSO to gain the Bachelor of Osteopathy degree. Since qualifying and returning to Scotland, I have practiced in osteopathic clinics in Edinburgh, West Lothian and Stirlingshire and am pleased now also to practice in my home town of Glasgow.

As with all registered osteopaths, I am committed to continually updating and developing my treatments according to the latest research, and I find optimising the relationship between the human body and its environment extremely rewarding, taking into account occupation and posture, sport and leisure, diet and nutrition.

Image - Lindsey Docherty

Lindsey Docherty


Lindsey joins us from practicing in Aberdeen. Returning to her home city after a previous career working in the performing arts in London, where a natural interest in the rehabilitation and support of dancers, performers, musicians and technical staff developed, progressing into injuries and restrictions in all walks of life.

Following her Integrated Masters in Osteopathy (M.O.st) from the British School of Osteopathy, the Sutherland Cranial College post -graduate training program has allowed continued development in gentle osteopathic techniques which can be applied to the whole body. This style of treatment is used to support both pre and post pregnancy issues infants and children.