Children & Pregnancy

Osteopathy and Pregnancy

How many women during pregnancy complain of back pain; the answer is “probably most”. A few though go onto have quite sever pain which makes moving around a problem. In pregnancy the body is changing shape as the baby grows and the ligaments are looser in the last trimester and the combination of this can lead to excessive strains in the pelvis leading to pain in the back and pubic symphisis. Osteopaths can quite safely treat a patient through pregnancy and help relieve the pain.

Osteopathy and Babies/Toddlers (0-4)

Drawing of new babyBabies are amazing. They manage to squeeze out through a tiny opening in their mother and bounce into life. However, for some babies the trauma of birth can leave its marks. Strain may occur as a result of traumatic birth or later problems with the normal process of development.

The treatment most commonly given to babies and young children is Craniosacral or Cranial osteopathy.

This form of treatment involves very gentle manipulation to ease strain on specific areas and is quite different from the the more vigorous techniques usually associated with Osteopathy. Cranial osteopathy is so gentle that it often looks as though the osteopath is simply holding the child's head. 

Osteopathy and the New Mum

Drawing of women in final pregnancy stage Giving birth and the accompanying changes in the body and life style can have a dramatic effect on a new mum's body. Woman often talk about the pelvic floor and abdominal tone after having a baby and, in many women, they never complete their exercises. So, when they go on to have more children or do increased physical activities, they start to suffer back pain as a result.

Seeing an osteopath about 6-12 weeks after having a baby can help to bring the body back into a normal posture and your osteopath can discuss with you the best courses of action to “regain your figure” although, more importantly, to get your muscle balance back. For those who, a few years down the line, end up with problems, there is still a way back to feeling good again.

Osteopathy and Children (4-16)

Children have problems too. Their aches and pains are often dismissed as growing pains and they are told they will “grow out of it”. When a child is growing the body is constantly changing physically, learning new activities and “on the go”. This can lead to an imbalance between action and anatomy. This leads to tissue injury and pain. Osteopathy can help children get relief from pain by easing the strains that happen as the body grows and preventing them from having further episodes.