FAQs and Fees

What will be my first contact with the practice?

Our receptionists Laura and Joanna will often be the first people you speak to on the phone or meet when you come in.

They will be happy to answer general enquiries about the practice including insurance policies and, if necessary, can arrange for one of our Osteopaths to contact you if you need further information regarding how osteopathic treatment can help you.

What can I expect when I come in?

When you first visit you will be asked questions relating to your problem, such as how the problem started, and what makes the problem better or worse.

You may also be asked questions about your medical history such as family history of problems or if you are taking any medication.

A typical treatment room

Your Osteopath will then examine the area using specialised osteopathic techniques and other more general examination techniques which your doctor would be familiar with. In order to do this properly it may be necessary to remove some clothing; many people bring in shorts or wear light clothing for examination and treatment.

At this stage your Osteopath will discus their findings, what they feel the problem is and what they can do to help. Your Osteopath will describe what techniques they will use to treat the problem and how these techniques will help your condition.

 If your Osteopath feels the problem is not suitable to be treated with osteopathy you will be referred to the most appropriate person, which may be your GP, for further tests or treatment.

Your Osteopath will then move on to treatment using a number of manual hands-on techniques in order to improve the problems. Your Osteopath may also suggest exercises or modification to your posture or lifestyle with the aim of helping the underlying problems and not just the symptoms.


  Adult+ Child
All Visits : £37.00 £32.00

To book an appointment, please PHONE or VISIT us personally. We can not accept bookings by email